Delibird - Neo Revelation

Card Details

Card Number / Rarity: 5/66 / Rare Holo

Card Type / HP / Stage: Colorless / 60 / Basic

First Attack:  Present –

Flip 3 coins. If exactly 1 is heads, this attack does 40 damage. If exactly 2 are heads, remove 3 damage counters from the Defending Pokémon. If the Defending Pokémon has fewer damage counters than that, remove all of them. If all 3 are heads, this attack does 60 damage. If all 3 are tails, remove all damage counters from the Defending Pokémon.

Second Attack: 

Artist: Tomokazu Komiya

It carries food all day long. There are tales about lost people who were saved by the food it had.

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