Shining Mewtwo - Neo Destiny

Card Details

Card Number / Rarity: 109/113 / Rare Shining

Card Type / HP / Stage: Psychic / 70 / Basic

First Attack:  Reflect Shield –

If an attack does damage to Shining Mewtwo during your opponent's next turn (even if Shining Mewtwo is Knocked Out), flip a coin. If heads, prevent all damage done to Shining Mewtwo from that attack (any other effects of attacks still happen) and do 20 damage to the attacking Pokémon.

Second Attack:  Psyburst –

Discard a Fire Energy card attached to Shining Mewtwo or this attack does nothing. This attack does 40 damage plus 10 damage for each Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.

Artist: Hironobu Yoshida

It uses its highly developed psychic powers to defeat its enemies before they even have time to think.

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